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Hippo heart initial keyring hippo keychain personalised hippo keyring hippo accessory hippo gift letter hippopotamus keychain Hippo personalised heart initial charm keyring. Details: Hippo charm (21x15mm) Engraved heart initial (14x18mm) Optional Swarovski elements crystal birthsto ... ETSY CHEZCHARM
£8.90+ Delivery: £2.90 See offer
Hippo Amigurumi Hippo Crochet Hippo Handmade Soft Toy Hippo, Amigurumi Hippo, Crochet Hippo, Handmade Soft Toy Made with Acrylic yarn. Tan/Brown striped and Cream. Fitted with yellow safety eyes. Stuffed with p ... ETSY ANTHONYBRIGHTON
£14.99+ Delivery: £3.00 See offer
Hippo Soft Toy African Flower Crochet hippo pink hippo soft toy African Flower crocheted soft toy hippo from a pattern by Heidibears. This hippo is made in pink (clematis), purple (wisteria), blue (cloud blue) and green (sp ... ETSY GEMINIHOMEWARES
£45.00+ Delivery: £3.95 See offer
Made to Order Crochet Hippo MEDIUM Available in 3 sizes, this is listing is for the MEDIUM hippo. Made to order in any colour combination you request please contact me to see what colours are ... ETSY STITCHEDBYANNAUK
£40.00+ Delivery: £5.00 See offer
Crochet hippo toy cushion Crochet animal toy, African flower crochet Hippopotamus toy, Stuffed toy, Crochet hippo, Amigurumi toy This handmade hippo is made out of separate patches wich ... ETSY VERASCROCHET
£40.00+ Delivery: £10.00 See offer
LIVINK Hippo poster 50x70 cm. open in new window LIVINK Hippo poster 50x70 cm. Model: HIPPO Hippo Model: 261181_51 LIVINK
£54.00+ Delivery: £8.00 See offer
Japonesque Hair Brush Hippo Japonesque Hair Brush Hippo is a gentle grooming brush specially developed for baby hair.Featuring super soft bristles, Hair Brush Hippo helps tame hair without ... JAPONESQUE
£7.20 See offer
Little Tikes Glow n Speak Animal Flashlight Hippo With theLittle Tikes Glow 'n Speak Hippo Flashlight you'll be able to see in the dark. Hippo hippo hooray! Shaped like a happy hippo this colourful animal torch ...
£11.60 See offer
Hippo Towel Ball Glove and Tee Golf Set. The perfect set for any golf enthusiast includes 3 Hippo balls, driving tees and a glove. This would make a perfect gift or a great addition to any starter set. ...
£14.99 See offer
Hippo Wallow & Pond Made in Britain Hipo Wallow and Pond made by Suzie Marsh The Hippo Wallow sculpture is part of the range Suzie makes to sup ... SUZIE MARSH SCULPTURE Made to order
£185.00 See offer
Handmade Leather Hippo Small This new baby hippo is incredibly popular and looks lovely with its mother, our Handmade Leather Hippo - Standard. Due to its smaller size, this makes a lo ...
£299.00 See offer
Hippo Cuddlekins Cuddly Toy Measures 30cmPlush fake furStuffed toy plus plastic beansSuitable for ages 3 years and upA gorgeous hippopotamus made from super soft plush material. We love ...
£11.11 See offer
Hippo Who Was Happy Illustrated stories cover four important feelings (happiness sadness fear and anger) with a gentle and sweet approach. A happy hippo an angry tiger a sad z ...
£3.74 See offer
Fortuna Animal Flannel Bath Mitt Hippo Fortuna Animal Bath Mitts are made from 100% terry cotton which has a smooth feel against your babys skin. Fortuna Animal Flannel Bath Mitt : Product Code: FT ... FORTUNA
£3.55 See offer
Hippo Father&39s Day | Personalised Father&39s Day Card open in new window Hippo Father's Day | Personalised Father's Day Card  Any Dad will be delighted to receive this personalised Father's Day card. 
£2.99 See offer
Happy Birthday Hippo | Personalised Children&39s Birthday Card open in new window Happy Birthday Hippo | Personalised Children's Birthday Card Make a birthday extra special and extra fun with birthday greetings from this happy hippo
£2.99 See offer
Bubble Hippo open in new window Watch bubbles stream out from this cute and colourful Bubble Hippo
£10.00 See offer
H is for Hippo | Personalised Card H is for Hippo | Personalised Birthday Card for Children. We thought it was just for children and hippos, of course, but everyone will enjoy this delightful ra ...
£2.99 See offer
Mothercare 2
ISIS Accredited
£22.99 See offer
Mothercare 2
ISIS Accredited
£10.99 See offer
Hippo Skull Small The Hippo Skull ornament has very good detail and finish and will enhance any aquarium. Suitable for all tropical and coldwater aquariums. The small skull measu ...
£6.80 See offer
Hippo Skull Large The Hippo Skull ornament has very good detail and finish and will enhance any aquarium. Suitable for all tropical and coldwater aquariums. The large skull measu ...
£17.99 See offer
fun in the sun smallfrys&153 hip hippo Feed your friendship with this smallfrys™ hip hippo gift dressed in a smallfrys™-sized purple striped bikini. 1 serving of this hip hippo contains 10 ...
£13.00 See offer
Hippo the Water Saver open in new window { } Accredited by Waterwise. In an average home, if your water is metered, Hippo Water Savers can save approximately
£1.99 See offer
Aquafun Hippo Pedalo Fun bath time toy for all ages. Just put Hippo Pedalo into the bath and watch him merrily row himself around while singing "O Sole Mio" and pumping out ...
£10.00 See offer
hippo birdie | personalised children&39s birthday card hippo birdie | personalised children's birthday card - A fun Hippo and bird here to wish you a happy birthday. One of our great personalised chirldren's ...
£2.99 See offer
Personalised Hippo Birdy Birthday Card Made in Britain Hippo Birdy Two ewes! a fun and quirky personalised birthday card for that fun a ... BETSY JARVIS Made to order
£3.95+ Delivery: £0.95 See offer
Hippo Puppet Bookmark Beautiful Hippo design bookmark, great gift for girls from 5 years upwards. Hippo is pink and has a bright pop out tongue. Perfect gift for children from 5 ye ... BOOKBEASTS In stock
£2.50+ Delivery: £0.95 See offer
Childs Hippo Rechargeable LED Nightlight Children's cordless and rechargeable hippo LED nightlight, with four colour settings. These unique and very cute nightlights are perfect for little ones at be ... LIGHT MY LIFE Out of stock
£23.00+ Delivery: £2.75 See offer
Baby Hippo Letterpress Card Cute baby hippo letterpress printed greeting card. Printed pale pink and grey onto a 100% cotton paper. Comes with co-ordinating pale pink lightly textured enve ... BLUSH In stock
£2.50+ Delivery: £0.95 See offer
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