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Jessica Ceramic Hard Skin Remover open in new window Rid hard skin with Jessica's Ceramic Hard Skin Remover. JESSICA
£15.95 See offer
Emjoi Micro Pedi Man Hard Skin Remover Set Effectively buffs away dry, hard and rough skin on the soles and heels of the feet. Handy sized gadget. Batteries required 2 x AA (not included). Manufacturer's ...
£34.99 See offer
Emjoi MicroPedi Hard Skin Remover Take the chore out of at-home pedicures with the Emjoi Micro-Pedi Hard Skin Remover. The unique rollers gently, yet effectively, buff away calloused skin in sec ...
£34.99 See offer
Lloydspharmacy Hard Skin Remover • Gently rubs away hard skin.• Leaves skin feeling smooth.Lloydspharmacy hard skin remover is designed to allow rough, hard skin and callouses to be g ...
£2.05 See offer
Carnation Footcare hard skin remover 100 applications Carnation Footcare hard skin remover 100 applications: Express Chemist offer fast delivery and friendly, reliable service. Buy Carnation Footcare hard skin remo ...
£3.49 See offer
Clearzal Hard Skin Remover open in new window Clinically proven to remove calluses and hard skin
£15.50 See offer
Rio 60 Second Pedi And Hard Skin Remover And Foot File Rio 60 Second Pedi and Hard Skin Remover and Foot File Gentle enough to be used daily, 60 Second Pedi is the ultimate at home foot pampering accessory. Use to b ... RIO
£24.99 See offer
Superdrug Hard Skin Remover open in new window Superdrug Hard Skin Remover provides immediate relief from painful callouses and hard skin build up. SUPERDRUG
£2.99+ Delivery: £3.00 See offer
Micro Pedi Nano Pink Hard Skin Remover The amazing Emjoi Micro Pedi Nano device exfoliates and removes hard, dry, rough skin, while being gentle on your feet, leaving them smooth and beautiful in sec ... EMJOI
£15.00 See offer
Superdrug Microfile Hard Skin Remover Silver Superdrug Corn and Callous File is designed to remove hard calloused skin. The high quality stainless steel dimpled file head removes hard skin with the minimum ... SUPERDRUG
£3.99+ Delivery: £3.00 See offer
Kemei Electric Pedicure Hard Dry Skin Remover Drill File Tool Set Foot Care open in new window This item is suitable for hard dry skin removing, it is easy to use, great for you.
£13.91 See offer
Double Side Clear Handle Foot Callus Remover Hard Dry Skin Pedicure Tool open in new window This double-sided foot file pedicure. Comfortable handle, which help you clean the hard skin more easily! Two side can be taken apart and washed.
£2.67 See offer
AFY 24K Essence Gold Ginger Exfoliate Foot Cream Feet Hard Dead Skin Remover Mask This exfoliating foot cream contains natural plant extracts formula, mild stimulation. 2.24K active gold and natural scrub particles, feel comfortable and relax ...
£4.60 See offer
Foot Hard Skin Scraper Remover Pedicure Care Set Feet Callus Corn Shaver Blades open in new window This foot scraper for thick dead skin and callus, hardened skin. Detachable plastic handle for use with both callus shaver head and foot scraper.
£3.24 See offer
Scholl Instant Hard Skin Remover Using the Instant Hard Skin Remover is a revolutionary way to remove tough, thick, hard skin. Ergonomically designed by the experts at Scholl for comfortable ... BRAND
£10.40 See offer
£13.50 See offer
Murrays Manicure Hard Skin Remover open in new window Murrays Hard Skin Remover is a stone in apperance and is good for removing very hard unwanted skin on heels, and the ball of the feet. MURRAYS MANICURE
£0.99+ Delivery: £1.99 See offer
Pedi Spin Hard Skin Remover Get perfectly smooth skin on your feet with this Pedi Spin Hard Skin Remover Banish rough skin from your tootsies for good Removes dead skin and callo ... INTERNET SHOP
£4.99 See offer
Carnation Silky Heel Hard Skin Remover Carnation Silky Heel Hard Skin Remover Flexible sponge designed for all over foot use. Especially contoured to fit your heel. 1000s of tiny abrasive quartz san ... CARNATION
£3.60 See offer
MICRO Pedi Power Rapid Hard Skin Remover 132 Advantage card points. The Emjoi MICRO Pedi Power is a powerful, electrically-operated foot file device created to smooth dry, rough and hard skin on the fe ... MICROPEDI
£33.30 See offer
MICRO Pedi Professional Rapid Hard Skin Remover 156 Advantage card points. The Emjoi MICRO Pedi Professional is a rechargeable foot file device, created to smooth dry, hard skin on the feet. Salon style resul ... MICROPEDI
£39.99 See offer
Boots Pharmaceuticals Hard Skin Remover (1 Remover) 12 Advantage card points. Boots Hard Skin Remover smoothes away rough and dry or callused and hard skin.Always read the product information before use. FREE Del ... BOOTS PHARMACEUTICALS
£3.11+ Delivery: £3.50 See offer
MICRO Pedi Hard Skin Remover 156 Advantage card points. This revolutionary Emjoi Micro-Pedi safely removes the roughest of skin in seconds, leaving you with beautiful soft, smooth feet. The ... MICROPEDI
£39.99+ Delivery: £3.50 See offer
Callus remover plus pedicure open in new window Remover hard skin in 10 mins also included is a lux pedicure HAIR AND BODY
£27.00 See offer
Callusil Rechargable Electric Pedicure Tool Treat tired feet with Callusil Rechargable Electric Pedicure Hard Skin and Callus Remover  Instantly transforms the driest and unkempt of feet Ergonom ... NEWTONSTEIN CORP
£11.99 See offer
Scholl Velvet Smooth Pedi Electric Hard Skin Remover with Three... Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File - for perfectly pedicured feet at your fingertips Gentle on your feet and easy to use, the Velvet Smooth Express ...
£34.99 See offer
433252 Emjoi Micro Pedicure 4x Replacement Roller Pack Replacement roller pack for Emjoi Micro Pedicure. Contains four replacement rollers for use with Emjoi's Micro Pedicure complete hard skin remover. Keep your ha ...
£18.00 See offer
Micro Pedi Nano Emjoi Micro Pedi Nano Micro-Pedi Nano Callus Remover The Nano is engineered with a more powerful motor and a better ergonomic design than other Micro-Pedi mode ... EMJOI
£15.80 See offer
Clarisonic Pedi WetDry Buffing Brush Head Clarisonic Pedi Hard Skin Remover Wet/Dry Buffing Brush HeadHelps to effectively exfoliate and buff dry, damaged feet. Designed for daily use.FOR USE WITH PEDI ... CLARISONIC
£21.00+ Delivery: £3.50 See offer
Clarisonic Pedi Hard Skin Smoothing Disc Clarisonic Pedi Hard Skin Remover, Smoothing DiscDesigned to smooth and soften rough, dull foot skin.FOR USE WITH PEDI DEVICE ONLY - this disc should not be use ... CLARISONIC
£21.00+ Delivery: £3.50 See offer
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