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We have found some brilliant deals available to buy in the UK for handheld massager in Skincare and Health including these related brands: HOMEDICS, MHSTAR UK LTD, 66FIT.

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PMQUAD Handheld Massager. Fabulously fun and pleasently powerful handheld vibration massager that is small enough to take anywhere. Vibration massage.1 speed setting.Upper back, lower ba ...
£4.49 See offer
HoMedics TheraP Handheld Body Massager HHP110 56 Advantage card points. HoMedics Perfect Reach Handheld Body Massager; An invigorating vibration massage with 3 custom massage attachments. FREE Delivery on o ... HOMEDICS
£14.99 See offer
HandHeld Electric Massager Red or Blue Work on muscular kinks and knots with this Hand-Held Electric Massager Features a six-way adjustable design to target the back, shoulders and more Inc ... MHSTAR UK LTD
£19.99 See offer
Therapy in Motion 4 Point Massager Therapy in Motion 4 Point Handheld Massager Size: 10cm x 10cm x 10cm Material: Plastic   The Therapy in Motion 4 point handheld massage tool is a highly ...
£4.00 See offer
OSIM uPamper 2 Brilliance of a pampering massage Enjoy quick and effective relief from sore and aching muscles for you and your family with uPamper 2's brilliant combination o ...
£110.00 See offer
Homedics Rotating Shiatsu Massager There can't be many more conveniences in life than having access to a Shiatsu massager wherever you travel, but HoMedics can give you exactly that with the Hand ... HOMEDICS
£40.00 See offer
66fit Four Way Massager <p><strong>Knobble those Knots with the 66fit 4 Ways Massage Tool</strong></p> <p>The 66fit Knobble It 4 Ways Massager is an inge ... 66FIT
£6.00 See offer
66fit Knobble It Thumb Massage Tool <p><strong>Knobble those Knots with the 66fit Thumb Massage Tool</strong></p> <p>The 66fit Knobble It Thumb Massager is an ingeni ... 66FIT
£6.00 See offer

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